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      1. 36,940

        Your vehicle.

        Your pace.

        Your control.

        Acceleride Logo

        Take Control of the
        car buying process.

        The innovative online car buying process
        that puts car buyers IN CONTROL.


        We're proud to say that we are just as passionate about
        our people as we are our cars. Apply today and be part of
        the best company in automotive retail.



        New Car Sales Professional, Automotive Sales Professional

        SEE 115 POSITIONS


        New and Used Car Internet Sales Manager, Service Manager

        SEE 22 POSITIONS


        Service Advisor, Automotive Technician, Parts Counter, Valet

        SEE 175 POSITIONS


        Service Advisors, Parts Department Manager

        SEE 51 POSITIONS

        Visit Our Val-U-Line™ of Cars

        CLICK HERE


        Group 1 owns and operates automotive dealerships and collision centers in the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil.


        Group 1 Automotive In The Community

        The Group 1 Automotive Business Support Center is putting on another wonderful celebration for National Customer Service Week! Every year the Business Support Center puts on a one-week themed appreciation event for our employees, and this year has a Viva Las Vegas theme!

        Through our Sterling McCall family of dealerships, we partnered with @FortBendISD on their automotive shop at the James Reese Career and Technical Center.

        We are proud to see The Pauline Riley Walking Trail come to life: Pauline was Ira's Executive Assistant, and she was our go-to person for just about everything at Ira. If you are near @DanversToyota take a walk in our new trail celebrating the life of this wonderful person!

        Thank you to @MesserToyota for supporting @LubbockISD?with your generous donation to their athletics program!

        See What Our Customers Are Saying


        I just came in for an oil change appointment at 4:30 pm and was out by 5:15 pm. Great service. I have been coming here for about 4 years now and so far, it has always been a great experience.



        Today was one of the few times I thought surely this process is going to be to expensive and take too much time. On the contrary, I met Austin and he was very personable, confident in his communica...

        Tanisha Woods


        Totally difference experience than last time I drove into the service department.. There was Johnny on the Spot greeting me, acknowledging I needed help and someone would be with me shortly. Then Jo...

        misti gallaway


        2018 4Runner — Joe, service advisor, and Kevin, service manager, were both stellar to work with. They provided quick, detailed service and were knowledgeable. Kevin was kind enough to retrieve the c...

        James Cuevas


        The customer service was amazing ! The person who helped me was John M. and he was extremely knowledgeable and is not pushy when it comes to sales which is great mostly for people like me who aren't c...

        Peter Huynh


        Steven Moore was a great salesman... Very informative and no pressure. I had also done my homework on the Insight beforehand and Steven flashed out my knowledge tremendously. I can recommend Steven an...



        Blake Rickerson and his team are the best in the business! The buying process was effortless and everything was handled for us. They made the impossible possible for me and my family. I cannot thank ...



        Rep kept me informed , service was completed n time rep quoted.professional , did not try to force repairs. Represented his dealership very,very very well



        Armando was helpful and professional. He explained what I needed to knock w about the work that would be done, arranged a ride to my office, and even asked how my husband was done by, because he was o...

        Fred Schumacher


        Since its initial public offering in October 1997, Group 1 has grown to become the third largest dealership group in the United States and has expanded into the United Kingdom and Brazil. The company has achieved its success through a strategy that leverages management experience and emphasizes geographic and brand diversity, interrelated revenue streams, operational efficiencies and the prudent deployment of capital.

        LEARN MORE
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